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9 October 2018, this blog is about writing in scenes.  I’m focusing on the tools to build scenes.  I’ll leave up the parts of a novel because I think this is an important picture for any novelist.  I’m writing about how to begin and write a novel.

  1. The initial scene
  2. The rising action scenes
  3. The climax scene
  4. The falling action scene(s)
  5. The dénouement scene(s)


Announcement:   I need a new publisher.  Ancient Light has been delayed due to the economy, and it may not be published.  Ancient Light includes Aegypt, Sister of Light and Sister of Darkness.  If you are interested in historical/suspense literature, please give my novels a try.  You can read about them at http://www.ancientlight.com.  I’ll keep you updated.

Today’s Blog: The skill of using language comes from the ability to put together figures of speech that act as symbols in writing.

Short digression:  back in the USA.

Here are my rules of writing:

  1. Entertain your readers.
  2. Don’t confuse your readers.
  3. Ground your readers in the writing.
  4. Don’t show (or tell) everything.

4a. Show what can be seen, heard, felt, smelled, and tasted on the stage of the novel.

  1. Immerse yourself in the world of your writing.


Creativity is the extrapolation of older ideas to form new ones or to present old ideas in a new form.  It is a reflection of something new created with ties to the history, science, and logic (the intellect).  Creativity requires consuming, thinking, and producing.

Scene development:

Here is the beginning of the scene development method from the outline:


  1. Scene input (comes from the previous scene output or is an initial scene)
  2. Write the scene setting (place, time, stuff, and characters)
  3. Imagine the output, creative elements, plot, telic flaw resolution (climax) and develop the tension and release.
  4. Write the scene using the output and creative elements to build the tension.
  5. Write the release
  6. Write the kicker


First step of writing—enjoy writing.  Writing is a chore—especially if you don’t know what you are doing, and you don’t know where you are going.  Let me help you with that.


How do we gain the skills to write well?  We began with reading.  Reading allows us to gain the skills to write well, but imagination provides the impetus to write and especially to write modern literature.


How do we activate our imagination?  How do we get ideas to write?  How can we begin to develop such ideas, especially imaginative ideas?  Tension and release is the way to go—this is where your imagination must be centered.  How do we develop great ideas for scenes?


Here is an example of a realistic confrontation.  This is entertaining and comes from my novel Blue Rose: Enchantment and the Detective:


The room was not crowded with people, but at least fifteen couples stood in the space.  Buffet tables filled with food and drink were stationed under the stairs.  A quartet at the left side played Christmas music intermixed with other classics.  Daniel and Sveta Long stood on the right side.

Daniel Long was medium height and shorter than Lachlann.  His hair was light brown and his features were fine but nondescript.  He possessed a very pleasant face with a few wrinkles–most seemed to grace his eyes and lips as though he was used to smiling.

Harold stepped forward.  He didn’t look at Azure’s card or invitation, “Mrs. and Mr. Long, may I present the Lady Azure Rose Wishart and her escort, Wing Commander Lachlann Calloway.”

Azure held out her hand and Daniel Long took it, “Good evening, Lady Wishart.  I’d heard Lachlann was coming with you, but I had no idea he could enter into the good graces of such a spectacularly beautiful woman.”  Daniel bowed over her hand.

Azure sniffed, a little put out, “Thank you for inviting me.  I was happy to bring Lachlann with me.”

Daniel released Azure’s hand.  Sveta grasped it and whispered, “I thought I asked you not to wear your signature clothing.”

Azure gave her a tart smile, “It’s not white.”

“Yes, well.  I’ll not say you don’t have excellent taste.  That’s a Dior, isn’t it?”

“The Queen bought it for me especially for your party.”

Sveta rolled her eyes.  She pulled Azure to the side and put her mouth near her ear, “Mrs. Calloway may be attending tonight.”

“Do you wish me to stay out of her sight?”

Sveta sighed, “That will not be possible.  Use your own discretion.  I will not be able to protect you.”

“In your own house?”  Azure scowled, “Lachlann shall protect me.”

“That’s to be seen.”

“As to our business, when will we meet and where?”

Sveta let out another sigh, “When the principles have gathered.  I’m waiting for Klava to arrive.  Enjoy yourselves.  I’ll send Harold for you when we are ready, but I’d like to wait until the party is winding down.”

Azure’s slitted her eyes, “Is there anyone else I should know about who is attending your party?”

Sveta glanced around, “Why?  I don’t think so.  Everyone else here are members of the Organization or MI6.  You’ll not mention anything about that or Stele, please.”

Azure turned her a withering glance, “Really?  Of course not.  Who do you think I am?”

Sveta curtsied, “I do apologize.  I didn’t mean it that way.”

“Very well.”

Azure grasped Lachlann’s hand and pulled him toward the main part of the ballroom.  Lachlann snared them a couple of flutes of Champaign, and they filled their plates from the buffet tables.

They found a quiet table on which to place their food.  Lachlann stated, “Daniel Long is the head of the Organization.”

Azure nodded, “I know.”

“Everyone here is a member of MI6 or the Organization.”

“So Sveta told me.  I suppose, we shall have our little meeting near the end of the party.  Do you think your mother will attend?”

Lachlann’s lips curled down in a frown, “She will indeed.”  He pointed, “There she is now with father.”

Azure turned quickly around and away from the direction Lachlann pointed, “It will be impossible for me to remain hidden in this small room and with this small crowd.”

“She doesn’t know who you are, so don’t be alarmed.”

Azure turned him a baleful glace, “You will protect me.  I insist.”

Lachlann mumbled, “I will protect you—I promised.”

Azure gave him a quavering smile, “That isn’t at all reassuring.”  She picked up her flute of Champaign and took a sip.

Lachlann sucked in a deep breath, “Prepare yourself.  She is coming directly toward us.”

Azure choked and Champaign dribbled from her lips.  Lachlann handed her his napkin.

Mrs. Calloway came right up to them on the other side of the table.  James Calloway grasped Kathrin Calloway’s hand and tried to redirect her, “Kathrin, there are some people I’d like you to meet…”

Mrs. Calloway stopped on the far side of the table.  Her voice was low, but commanding, “There is a single person, whom I would very much like to meet at the moment.  You may go, James.  I’ll catch up with you later.”

James didn’t budge.

Azure didn’t turn around.  She held the napkin against her face.

Mrs. Calloway squinted at Azure’s back, then turned her eyes to Lachlann, “Lachlann Calloway, please introduce me to your date.”

Lachlann cleared his throat, “Mother, you’ve met her before.  This is Miss Azure Rose.”

“Lachlann.  Preposterous.  She is not Miss Azure Rose.  There is no such person.  I suspect this is Lady Azure Rose Wishart.  I demand to know why she is here, and why you are escorting this person?”

Azure didn’t turn around.  She didn’t lower her napkin.

Lachlann licked his lips, “Sveta invited Miss Rose to her Christmas party.  I agreed to escort her.”

“Is this the same schoolgirl you brought to church and our house?”

“Yes, the same Miss Rose.”

“I guessed that something was up.  I checked out your Miss Rose when I looked through Sveta’s invitation list.  Who should I spot but the Lady Wishart.  Lady Wishart, I demand to know why you were included in this party.  I ordered that you should be excluded from any official associations with these groups.”

Azure spoke from behind her napkin, “This is not an official event.”

“Again, preposterous.  You know very well what kind of event this is.”

Azure turned.  She still held her napkin in front of her face, “This is a Christmas Party.  Why should I not attend if I am invited, and why should I not be escorted by my suitor.”

Mrs. Calloway took an entire step back.  She couldn’t mask her astonishment.  When she recovered a little of her aplomb, she responded, “Your suitor?  Have things moved as far as that?  Lachlann, I demand to know your relationship with this person.”

Lachlann grimaced and put out his hands, “Mother, this is really not the place for this kind of discussion.”

“This woman is not what she seems, Lachlann.  I don’t want you near her, and I don’t wish to associate with her on any basis.”

Azure’s voice trembled, “Lachlann, take me home.  I will not be slighted, and I declare insult.”

“My son shall not take you anywhere.  I fear for his position and morals.”

Azure’s eyes flashed, “That was uncalled for.  Lachlann, you promised.”

Lachlann set his mouth, “I must agree.  The Lady Wishart was invited by Mrs. and Mr. Long.  I will not discontinue my relationship with her.  I do intend to marry her.”

Mrs. Calloway’s eyes opened wide, “I need to sit down.  This is too much for me to process all at once.”

Azure’s eyes widened as well, “To marry me?”

Lachlann took her hands in his, “What do you think it meant when I said I love you?”

Mrs. Calloway’s knees buckled.  Mr. Calloway grasped her arm.  She exclaimed, “Lachlann, you told her you love her?  I can’t let this stand.”

Lachlann stood straight, “Mother, you are making a scene.  I am in love with this fine lady.  I will not be put off by you or by her.”

Azure licked her lips, “I haven’t said yes or given you any affirmation at all.”

Mrs. Calloway snarled, “That’s it then.  The Lady doesn’t share your affections and that pleases me more than words can tell.”

Lachlann turned his mother a piercing glance, “Your opinion, Mother, has nothing to do with this.  I love this lady, and I will not be put off by you or her.”

Sveta and Klava came running up to the table.  Sveta arrived first, “Really, Mother, you are making a scene.  Could we take this to a more private venue?”

Klava nodded, “Sveta’s guests are staring.”

Azure raised her chin, “I have been publically insulted.”

Sveta nodded, “I do apologize, Lady Wishart.  Would you please come with me, Klava, and Mrs. Calloway so we can discuss this together?”

Azure put up her hand, “Not without Lachlann.  He has promised, no, he has sworn to protect me.”

Mrs. Calloway frowned, “Sworn?  In what way sworn?”

Azure grinned, “By the One and all.”

Mrs. Calloway groused, “I took that to be your meaning.”

“Then why did you ask?”

Mrs. Calloway’s mouth worked soundlessly in frustration.

Sveta wrung her hands together, “I shall swear to protect you, Lady Wishart.  If you will but come with us.”

Azure glanced down her nose at Sveta, “By the One and all?”

Sveta whispered, “Yes, if necessary, by the One and all.  I do swear to protect you, Lady Wishart.”  A faint thunderclap sounded in the distance, and Sveta’s hair rose slightly at the back.”

Azure released Lachlann’s hands, “Then I will attend you.  Lachlann, wait for me.  I shall require you later.”

Lachlann bowed.  Mr. Calloway bowed.

Klava led Mrs. Calloway and Sveta, followed by Azure followed.


I think you will find this partial scene to be entertaining and realistic.  The ladies are in full battle, but they are not physically attacking each other.  I will also point out that the scene brings out many issues and problems between the characters.  This is what I mean when I describe a controlled confrontation.


I’ll write more tomorrow.

For more information, you can visit my author site www.ldalford.com/, and my individual novel websites:










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